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Love this app!!

I have been looking for a TelePrompTer app for my iPad for a month. I read all the reviews for many apps. Finally I gave up reading reviews because no matter what I looked at there were always issues. I read what this app offered and took the chance that it would work as it says. I love this app! I am not technologically savvy. I had it up and running in no time! My daughter would tell you that's a miracle! Easy to use, user friendly. I got a remote keyboard paired in seconds. Seconds! Only thing I don't know yet is if I can highlight certain words with color. If I can't, no problem. I'll just use a different font or italicize. Simple, user friendly and fun! And many options available if I want to do more than the minimum! What more can you ask for?!

Good prompter, unreliable remote

The prompter itself is great — more features than I need. But one issue make it hard for me to use this app: I'm using my iPhone as a remote (iPad and iPhone are on the same versions of iOS and PrompterPal, and on the same wifi network) but the remote keeps getting disconnected. Each time, I have to go into the Remote menu of each device, then disconnect and reconnect.

Good teleprompting app

This is about as good a teleprompting app for the iPad as I've seen. If the documentation were better, I'd give it five stars. First, the basics: I use an iPad Teleprompter in the field when I am shooting strictly on battery power. In the studio, I use a prompter with a larger screen, which lets me get a wider shot. I use my iPad on a half-mirror Teleprompter frame from Caddie Buddy, and I use an iPhone running PromptRemote (free companion app) as the controller. The iPad can show mirrored text, while the controller displays regular text, with the operator just off set. The setup works well, and it's easy for an operator to learn--any crew member can do the job. Plan on spending an hour or so figuring out how to make the app work. I couldn't get it to work with iCloud, but DropBox setup was pretty easy, and it is what I would recommend. Things go a lot smoother if the DropBox app is installed on your iPad. The documentation for the software is a bit clunky. It's on the developer's web site, but there is no PDF version available--I made my own by downloading the help pages from the web site. Once you get the hang of transferring files to the prompter app, things proceed rather smoothly. The app has a pretty full complement of features, and it's easy to operate and to make script edits. One last note: The developer has three separate teleprompter apps, and they are all the same. This app is the developer's main retail app--the other two are private-label versions to teleprompter hardware manufacturers. Some reviewers flame this app because they can't get files loaded into the prompter, or they can't get the remote working. I didn't experience any problems of this sort, and I suspect that those who did probably failed to read the documentation.. In conclusion, I'm happy with my purchase I'd recommend this app over others that I have seen in the App Store.

Great teleprompter app!

I'm very happy with this teleprompter app. I used it for a corporate client shoot recently and it worked flawlessly. I use a teleprompter kit with two-way glass and iPad holder, so the mirroring feature was needed and worked well. One minor complaint, which is not that big of a deal, but when using the mirror feature the countdown doesn't go into mirror mode. But more positives: The scrolling is very smooth. Scripts can be imported from email. I used a plain text file. Editing scripts in the app is easy. Controls are simple to use and stay hidden until you hit the control button. I even downloaded the remote control app, which is free and works via Bluetooth, and loaded it onto my iPhone. Besides controlling the start and stop on the remote you can also change the scroll speed and scroll to any part of the script if you need to. This app is so well priced and worth buying.

Excellent! Happy I selected this one!

I do “old style” science fiction radio plays with music, and I also do YouTube video tutorials on various aspects of using NOTION (PreSonus) music notation and virtual instrument software, and when I realized that a teleprompter might be helpful I did a bit of research and selected PrompterPal, in part based on the information provided at the developer website, since it provides more detail and it appeared that ProperPal has the features and functionality I need, which basically are reasonably simple but specific. I purchased PrompterPal 4.1.1 at the start of October 2014 and immediately did an experiment with excellent results, for sure! I run Mac OS X 19.9.4 (Mavericks) on a Mac Pro (Early 2008), and I use an iPad2 currently running iOS 7.1.1, and everything is working very nicely. Specifically, on the Mac Pro I did a bit of editing on the scripts for three chapters of a science fiction radio play I am going to record, which involved saving them as Text files. I copied the edited files to the PrompterPal app’s data area in iTunes and then attached the iPad2 to the Mac Pro, followed by doing an update and sync, which copied the radio play scripts (Text files) to PrompterPal on the iPad2. After the iPad2 update and sync, I examined the radio play scripts, and they were there in the download area for PrompterPal. I created a PrompterPal “Group” and then added each radio play script to the “Group”, which works nicely and is easy to do. It is done by selecting the file and then selecting the newly created “Group”, which moves the file from the download area for PrompterPal into the “Group”. Very easy to do! Next I experimented with the text options; scrolling; ability to move the text with my finger to scroll it upward or downward a bit when I am reading faster or slower; teleprompter “transport”, which has backward, play, forward, and a few other buttons, but just a few, which keeps it simple and practical to use. This works nicely and is sufficiently simple to use while reading, speaking, and recording the script, which here in the sound isolation studio for me involves needing to work the teleprompter and a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) application, since I am the talent, producer, audio engineer, script writer, music composer, and everything else that is involved in the production, hence being able to control everything in a practical way is very important, because there is a limit to have many things I can do simultaneously. Summarizing, PrompterPal does everything I need it to do, and I am very happy that it is the teleprompter app I selected for use on my iPad2! For what I need to do, PrompterPal is perfect! P. S. There is a detailed user guide for PrompterPal at the developer website, and you can download it. I am a customer and have no affiliation with Sunshine Valley Systems. My YouTube video tutorials are on YouTube (“SurfWhammy” Channel), which is an easy way to verify that I am a customer. I have not used PrompterPal for a YouTube video tutorial, but I have it and can use it. I definitely need to use PrompterPal for the new chapters of my science fiction radio play, because the scripts are very precise. I usually do the YouTube video tutorials in a more ad hoc way, but so what.

Update Problems

Great app. Use it often for giving presentations and in our campus TV studio. Latest iOS update causes problems in edit mode. Unable to paste in text. Hope they work out this bug -otherwise very good app.

Waste of money

Great concept but how do you enter your text files?

Remote iOS Does not Work

We cannot connect iPad to iPad or iTouch to iPad for remote purposes, which was the reason I purchased this app. We decided to stick with ProPrompter for our teleprompting service. If Sunshine Valley Systems fixes this problem we may consider switching back or using the app that we now purchased as a backup. Their documentation/support did not assit at all with our problem. Please fix this.

It's almost great

It appears to do everything I need, but the most important part. I can not input text into the file. You are supposed to be able to create a whole document but I am guessing a bug or an oversight to this release has been made. If that is not the case then they made it very difficult to do the most basic of tasks.

It's good

I am impressed by the customizations that are available. I like the full color wheel for color choices with the myriad of font choices as well as the 3 text placement choices (left, right, & centered). The remote app buttons and click wheel respond instantly. The scrolling is smooth without any jerkiness I have encountered in some other apps. I would like to see cue points added to the app to control navigation in each document and also improvements in the remote app's handling of the scrolling text and a corresponding cue control. I recommend this app as is but would like to see these additional features.

sweet application

The PrompterPal app was just what the doctor ordered. After I figured out how to turn on the "edit" switch so that my "add"ed "untitled" file could be constructed, and I was able to paste the text in there, it worked great. I set the speed and font size; I rehearsed and got comfortable with the teleprompter and I presented my speech to an approving crowd. This is the best app I have installed..definitely worth it.

Great App

This app has worked very well for me! Love all the font choices, background & guide colors, countdown and the timer. I also had no issues syncing my iPad with my iPhone (with PromptRemote) to use the remote function. Just needed to make sure both had their bluetooth on/or connected to wifi. It took a few minutes to find each other but once they did it worked great. Great App!

Simply not there yet

After a frustrating 3 hours of trying to get the right speed, and then finding that the remote feature is flaky at best, I am now passing on this product. The remote feature made me want to smash my iPhone into my iPad. Please, make the connection better, I will now be purchasing a more expensive app :(

Coming soon

Sorry the web site is not ready, once we received the iPad, there were some new bugs. There will be a new version today or tomorrow. The remote software is not on iTunes yet, should be there or at least at Apple in the next day. The web site will be coming too. Sorry for the delay.

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